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Energy Tax Repealed For Dutchess County Residents

The Dutchess County Legislature recently voted NOT to impose a sales tax on residential energy sources, including oil, propane and electricity. This means effective June 1st you will no longer be forced to pay tax on a basic necessity. Thank you to everyone who raised their voices with us to protest this unfair energy tax.

Bottini Propane Tank

We have the largest and safest propane facilities in the area!

Although many of you know us as the area’s premier heating oil company, you may not know we also provide the same reliable services for propane.  In fact, we’re the fastest growing propane supplier in the Hudson Valley!  We offer reliable fuel deliveries, quality equipment installations, and excellent service for all the products we sell.

Why not simplify your heating bills with one-stop shopping? We offer the safest propane storage available, highly trained technicians, system installation, superior customer service, and competitive prices all under one roof.

We’ll be glad to show you ways to save money and make life easier with Bottini as your propane supplier.

Propane offers an attractive combination:

  • It costs less than electricity and works harder.

  • Propane burns hotter and more evenly than many other fuels, so appliances powered by propane use less energy. The energy savings alone help pay for the new equipment.

  • According to 2009 figures (from NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) based on national averages, propane is about 60% cheaper per million BTU's than electricity, although this may vary with utility costs in different areas.

We invite you to browse our website and see why Bottini Fuel is one of the leading comfort providers in the region.

2014 Readers Choice Award


Customers that locked in their price last year saved on an average of 50¢ per gallon

Call our office and speak with one of our representatives to see how Bottini Fuel can save you money on your heating bills.

Take the worry out of your heating costs by enrolling in one of our price protection programs; you can choose between a prebuy/fixed plan or our most popular plan, price cap.  A prebuy/fixed plan locks in your price without any fees.  A price cap protects you from rising prices no matter how high oil prices go, your price won’t skyrocket. If market prices fall, your price comes down too!

Bottini Fuel prices are an excellent value.  You can always count on us for Guaranteed Fair Pricing*.  Our average price has consistently been below the New York state average.  We’re so confident about our prices that we post them on our website.  Click ”Today’s Pricing” for details.

EZ Pay, our monthly payment program, makes your fuel bills more manageable by allowing you to pay for your fuel over as many as 11 months.  You pay the same amount each month, no matter how cold it gets, even if you need more than one delivery in one month.  It doesn’t cost you a penny to joinEZ Pay! In fact, if you enroll by August 31st, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win an iPad.**

*As posted by the New York State Research and Development Authority.

**Valid for new enrollment only.


5 Tips for purchasing a new air conditioning unit:

  1. Today's high efficiency air conditioning units are much more cost effective than systems installed years ago.   If you have a system that is out of date, replacing it may save you enough money over time to pay for the new system. 
  2. Did you know air conditioning units control humidity, which is the main reason to swap your old unit out with a new more efficient system?  Today's units have separate humidifier settings for when you need to control both the humidity and temperature.
  3. Add a programmable thermostat and save even more.  Come home to a cool house without paying to keep it cool when you are not there.  
  4. Today's high efficiency AC units come in all sizes and varieties.  You can waste a lot of energy if your system is not sized properly, and as we know, the more energy you use the more it costs. Call a Bottini representative to determine a properly sized system that fits your needs. 
  5. Are you considering an addition or garage?  If so, make sure to tell our representative. They can install the properly sized system the first time.  This way you do not have to replace the system once your renovation is complete because it is too small for your new addition.
  6. For more information or to schedule an installation please contact us.

Bottini Fuel Customers Have a Voice

Unlike many other companies, Bottini Fuel does not hide their upper management behind countless levels of customer service reps.  We welcome your ideas and insight which is why we have created our "Customers Have a Voice" program.

In a company the size of Bottini Fuel, there are circumstances where people feel as though they would like to voice their opinions, positive or negative, directly to upper management. The purpose of this program is to provide our customers with a way to do just that. We want you to have a voice in our company, and allow you a method to provide feedback directly to our management team.  Good or bad, we want to know.

We ask that people interested in leaving feedback using this method attempt to resolve any issues first through our customer service department.  Our representatives have the authority and competence to resolve almost any question or concern you may have.

If you have already contacted our customer service department and feel you still need to speak directly to upper management, please leave your message on our "Customers Have a Voice" page. 

We document the feedback our customers give us and use it as part of a structured review process to determine ways of improving our existing process.

We would like the opportunity to become your energy provider, and if given that opportunity, we will strive to keep you satisfied in any reasonable way possible. 

To leave a message for a manager please click here.

Bottini Fuel Offices & Phone Numbers


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 626-7766
  • (845) 626-4673 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 5 Webster Ave
  • Kerhonkson NY, 12446

Port Jervis NY

  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 856-7831
  • (845) 856-2281 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 6 Sleepy Hollow Rd
  • Port Jervis NY, 12771

Red Hook NY

  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 876-3835
  • (845) 758-1821 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 7265 S Broadway
  • Red Hook NY, 12571


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 246-4931
  • (845) 246-0475 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 240 Ulster Ave
  • Saugerties NY, 12477


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (518) 589-5222
  • (518) 589-6420 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 6158 Main St
  • Tannersville NY, 12485

Wappingers Falls

  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 297-5580
  • (845) 297-5465 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 2785 W Main St
  • Wappingers Falls NY, 12590


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 497-5000
  • (845) 497-5029 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 9 Depot St
  • Washingtonville NY, 10992


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 888-2167
  • (845) 888-4114 Fax
  • Office Address:
  • 126 Sullivan St
  • Wurtsboro NY 12790


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (518) 622-9512


  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 586-1867

Pine Bush

  • Local Phone Numbers:
  • (845) 744-2311