Customers that locked in their price last year
saved on an average of 50¢ per gallon

Call our office and speak with one of our representatives to see how Bottini Fuel can save you money on your heating bills.

Take the worry out of your heating costs by enrolling in one of our price protection programs; you can choose between a prebuy/fixed plan or our most popular plan, price cap. A prebuy/fixed plan locks in your price with no additional cost. A price cap protects you from rising prices no matter how high oil prices go, your price won’t skyrocket. If market prices fall, your price comes down too!

Bottini Fuel prices are an excellent value. You can always count on us for Guaranteed Fair Pricing*. Our average price has consistently been below the New York state average. We’re so confident about our prices that we post them on our website. Click ”Today’s Pricing” for details.

EZ Pay, our monthly payment program, makes your fuel bills more manageable by allowing you to pay for your fuel over as many as 11 months. You pay the same amount each month, no matter how cold it gets, even if you need more than one delivery in one month. It doesn’t cost you a penny to join EZ Pay!

*As posted by the New York State Research and Development Authority.

We have an option that is right for you!

As we all struggle to navigate these difficult economic times, be careful chasing the “deal” of the moment. Prices will go up and down, discounts come and go. Cutting your fuel use always pays off, however that is not always a realistic option.

We have some terrific ways to help you permanently cut your bills while increasing your home comfort. If you let us, we can be your energy savings partner.

Automatic Delivery

When customers choose automatic delivery of their fuel, it benefits everyone. The customer has peace of mind knowing they’ll never run out of fuel.

But that’s not all. The automatic delivery schedule also helps avoid any future unscheduled emergency deliveries.

Price Protection

The price of oil is much more volatile on a day-to-day basis, than it was in the past. In fact, this past heating season, wholesale heating oil prices bounced up and down as much as 30%.

Protect yourself from those volatile prices by purchasing fixed price or price cap coverage for your fuel.

Monthly Budget

Here's a chance to make heating your home less stressful and a lot easier — and it won't cost you a penny. We can review your fuel use over the past few winters and calculate a monthly payment schedule for you.

From July through May, you make 11 equal, predictable monthly payments, which protect you from unexpected heating bills.

Need Service?

A Comfort Care plan for your heating unit is like health insurance for your body. We’ve spent years reconstructing the programs that matter most to our customers. Our Comfort Care plans are the ideal example. With the combination of value and protection, our plans are designed to give you the most for your energy dollar. Regular tune-ups on your heating system will reduce the chance of breakdowns and keep your system running at peak efficiency, which can cut your annual fuel bills by as much as 10%. Saving $$$. Along with the annual tune-up, you can also receive either a 15% discount on repairs or complete coverage on parts and labor; whichever service plan you choose, you will be saving money.

Our customers have been depending on our service since 1951. If you lose heat - at any time of the day or night - our experienced technicians are at your service. The listing below is an overview of the sevice plans we offer. For a complete and detailed listing please download a copy of our service brochure, which includes all terms and conditions for our service plans.

Guaranteed Fair Pricing

We're transparent about our pricing

Check our prices below to see how they stack up against the state-wide averages. Rest assured, Bottini's prices are an excellent value and you can always count on us for Guaranteed Fair Pricing.  For the eight year in a row our average price has been below the average price in New York State, as posted by the  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

How does Bottini Fuel Compare?

Product7/14/20146/30/2014Change vs.
Prior Survey
Year Ago% Change vs. Last Year
#2 Heating Oil $3.945 $4.037 -2.3% $3.923 0.6%
Kerosene $4.478 $4.476 0.0% $4.310 3.9%
Propane - Central Heat $3.021 $3.047 -0.9% $2.814 7.4%

Retail Petroleum Prices—On a statewide basis since the last survey on April 28th, prices decreased 5.7¢/gallon (1.4%) to 398.2¢/gallon for ULS heating oil, 4.5¢/gallon (1.0%) to 436.8¢/gallon for kerosene, and 10.5¢/gallon (3.2%) to 312.8¢/gallon for propane. Compared to a year earlier, prices increased 10.4¢/gallon (2.7%) for heating oil, 16.6¢/gallon (4.0%) for kerosene, and 40.5¢/gallon (14.9%) for propane.

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