Hydro Air Heating

Hydro Air Heating

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The HBX series air handler is the latest state-of-the-art air handler for heat pump or straight cool (DX) operation. Depending on the condensing unit or heat pump used, cooling efficiency is up to 14 SEER depending on the outdoor unit. Cooling coils have either piston type metering devices or factory or field installed R22 or R410A TXV’s and are circuited for cooling or heat pump operation.

Each air handler includes a high efficiency cooling coil, pre-wired electric heat (except 0kW), service switch (over 10kW), 240V fan motor, 24V transformer, horizontal drain pan, and throw away filter.

Cabinets are fully insulated and painted with an attractive, baked-on powder coating (light gray).

No modification is required for vertical or horizontal (right-to-left) airflow. A horizontal drain pan is factory installed for right-to-left airflow and can be re-positioned within the cabinet to offer left-to-right airflow. Optional counterflow conversion kits are available for downflow installations.

Accessories include counterflow conversion kits and cooling / heat pump TXV kits.


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