Today's Prices for Orange County NY

Below you will find our current rates for our most common fuel oil and propane products. These prices are subject to change. Please call for more information or to confirm these rates before purchasing any of our products.

Fuel Oil Products

Product Today's Delivered Price
Fuel Oil $2.399
Kerosene $2.999
Winter Blend $2.749

Propane Products

Why are there so many rates for propane? There are many factors that determine the final price of your propane which generally do not effect fuel oil prices. As a result Propane is priced differently than fuel oil.

Tank ownership, and the amounts of propane being consumed yearly can drastically effect the price per gallon of your propane delivery.

Trust your family's safety to the only company with over 100 years of combined experience with propane and an excellent safety record. Our Guaranteed Fair Pricing ensures you always get a competitive rate for your usage level. No extra environmental fees, restocking fees or charges. Call us today for pricing based on your specific needs.

Price Protection Plans

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