Payment Programs & Energy Assistance Programs

As we all struggle to navigate these difficult economic times, be careful chasing the “deal” of the moment.  Prices will go up and down, discounts come and go.  Cutting your fuel use always pays off, however that is not always a realistic option.

We have some terrific ways to help you permanently cut your bills while increasing your home comfort. If you let us, we can be your energy savings partner.

Price Protection Program


Monthly Payment Programs


Energy Assistance Programs


Price Protection

The price of oil is much more volatile on a day-to-day basis, than it was in the past.  In fact, this past heating season, wholesale heating oil prices bounced up and down as much as 30%.

Protect yourself from those volatile prices by purchasing fixed price or price cap coverage for your fuel.

Fixed price customers know exactly how much they'll pay for the season up front, but aren't protected if prices fall.

If you choose our price cap program instead, no matter how high world oil prices go, your price won’t skyrocket. If market prices fall, your price comes down too.

The cost of the price cap fee is based on this volatility, along with how far in advance we purchase options for a price cap.


Monthly Payment

Here's a chance to make heating your home less stressful and a lot easier — and it won't cost you a penny.

We can review your fuel use over the past few winters and calculate a monthly payment schedule for you. Then, from July through May, you make 11 equal, predictable monthly payments, which protect you from unexpected  heating bills.


Energy Assistance

Tough times can make it hard for some families to pay their heating bills. At Bottini Fuel we do not treat our customers like mere numbers in a computer. If you’re having trouble keeping your account up-to-date, let us know. Together, we can come up with a plan that’s realistic for both of us.

Departments of Social Services (DSS), Offices for the Aging, and Salvation Army Offices are some of the programs available for our customers to take advantage of.  To see a complete list of the energy assistance programs that we accept please click the link above.