HVAC Maintenance: 5 Reasons For Regular Tune-ups

HVAC maintenance new york

People sometimes ask, “Is a tune-up for my HVAC equipment necessary every year?”

The simple answer is…yes!

Let’s face it: a home’s heating and cooling systems are major investments that need to be protected – and having your HVAC equipment professionally maintained every year is the only proven way to do that.

How tune-ups enhance your HVAC’s performance:

Here are five key benefits of performing routine maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment.

  1. More reliable equipment – Did you know that 80 percent of HVAC problems are avoidable with regular maintenance? Proper care will help you avoid inconvenient equipment breakdowns – and the potentially costly heating and cooling repairs that come with them.
  2. Lower bills – A well-maintained air conditioner or furnace runs more efficiently, so you’ll save on your utility bills – often enough over the course of a single cooling season to pay for your annual tune-up!
  3. More comfort – A well-maintained HVAC system will heat and cool your space more efficiently, which means fewer hot and cold spots and more consistent and accurate temperatures throughout your home.
  4. Fewer repairs and a longer life for your equipment – Replacing your neglected A/C or furnace earlier than you need to can be a drag – and a costly one, at that. Regular maintenance can add years to the life of your equipment, and prevent many repairs along the way.
  5. Better health for you – A well-maintained HVAC system keeps air flowing and humidity levels in check, both of which improve indoor air quality.

An easy solution: Bottini Service Plans

As you can see, routine preventive HVAC maintenance is important for your family, your home, and your heating and cooling equipment. What’s the best way to get it? Sign up for a Bottini Service Plan, which includes a tune-up plus covered repairs, repair discounts, priority service, and more.

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