Posted: February 1, 2017

5 Winter Safety Tips for Your Propane-Powered Home

Winter safety

Propane is one of the safest and most efficient ways to power and heat your home. But like any fuel, you have to know what to do to keep your family safe if the unexpected happens.

Here are five propane safety tips for colder weather:

  1. Know how to shut off the supply of gas to your home from the propane tank, and teach everyone in the house how to do it. If you’re not sure how to do that, contact us.
  2. Learn how to identify a propane leak – which smells like rotten eggs – and what to do if you discover one.
  3. Following manufacturer’s instructions, install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors on every level of your home.
  4. If severe winter weather is approaching:
    • Check your propane levels, making sure you have enough gas to last a week in the event road closures disrupt propane deliveries.
    • Follow the instructions of local authorities.
    • Clear snow and debris from vents, chimneys, and flues after a storm to reduce the risk of CO poisoning; use a broom rather than a shovel to avoid damaging your equipment.
  5. If you suspect that any of your propane appliances have been damaged or aren’t working properly, contact us right away for service and repairs. Remember: if you shut down your gas supply, the law requires you to hire a licensed professional to restart you system.

Stay safe this winter – contact Bottini today if you have any questions about propane safety in your home!