7 Common A/C Problems

Central air conditioning

If your central air conditioning isn’t running – or if you notice that it’s not running as cool or efficiently as it used to – check for these common air conditioner problems before you contact us for A/C service and repair.

No power

  1. Check fuses or circuit breakers – Allow your unit to cool down for five minutes before resetting the breakers.
  2. Check your thermostat – Verify that it is set for the right temperature for regular operation.

Improper Operation

  1. Make sure all windows and doors are closed – If your A/C is overworking unnecessarily, it could lead to inefficiency and costly repairs.
  2. Make sure filters and coils are clean – Dirt can cause a compressor or fan to fail prematurely. Keep air intakes clear to ensure adequate airflow.
  3. Check for signs of improper installation or maintenance – If your central air is installed improperly or not charged correctly, you can expect problems like low airflow and higher than usual bills. Equipment can lose 5-10 percent efficiency or more every cooling season without routine maintenance. Duct leaks can account for added costs to cool and heat your home, too.
  4. Make sure your A/C unit is right-sized – If you’ve built an addition to your home and haven’t upgraded your air conditioner, it may have to work too hard to cool your space, which could lead to problems.
  5. Check for leaks – If your refrigerant is low, it’s probably due to poor installation or a leak. Either way, you’ll need a trained technician to service your cooling system. After testing the repair, your technician can recharge your system with the right amount of refrigerant.

Still having problems? Call Bottini for prompt, expert service – and if it’s time to replace your central air system, we can help you there, too.