7 signs you need a new water heater

A water heater is a lot like a lost love – you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, but if you were paying attention along the way, the signs were there before long before things went down the drain.

Here at Bottini, we won’t offer relationship advice – but we can clue you in on some signals that you and your water heater are on the outs.

Here are seven signs you need a new water heater:

Signs you need a new water heater

  1. Your tank is old – Water heaters have a limited lifespan – about 10 years for a storage-type water heater (about twice that for a tankless water heater). Not sure how old your water heater is? Check the serial number: It will be on your manufacturer’s nameplate, starting with a letter and followed by a series of numbers. The letter indicates the month it was manufactured (A=January, B= February, etc.); the next two numbers indicate the year. For example, a water heater with the serial number G101234567 was manufactured in July of 2010.
  2. You’re seeing rusty water – Ruddy water mostly likely means that your water heater’s storage tank is rusting from the inside. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before your water heater tank fails, leaving 40 or 50 gallons of water on your basement floor.
  3. You hear rumbling noises – Sediment can build in older water heaters (see #4 below), causing loud noises when the heater is in use. This could be a sign that a professional plumber needs to flush your tank – or it could mean it’s too late for that.
  4. You can’t drain your storage tank – If you attempt to drain the hot water tank from you tank (something you should do this at least once a year) and the tank is so filled with sediment that no water comes out when you open the valve, there is no use contacting us for a water heater repair – it’s time for a new water heater.
  5. You’re finding leaks – Metal in an older storage tank can crack, causing leaks around your water heater. If you see puddles when the water heater is in use, you probably have a leak – and you probably need a water heater upgrade.
  6. Your hot water isn’t so hot – If your hot water isn’t consistently hot, it might only need a simple repair – but it could be a more significant problem. Contact us to have one of our water heater experts take a look.
  7. The gas pilot won’t stay lit – A consistent pilot light problem is probably due to a faulty thermocouple or a problem gas valve. If you replace the thermocouple and the pilot still goes out, your electromagnet may no longer work and you may need a new gas valve. If your tank is outside the warranty, replacing the gas valve isn’t worth the money.

Still not sure if you need a new water heater? We can help. Contact Bottini to learn more about water heater repair and water heater upgrade options for your Hudson Valley home.