A shocking rise in energy prices

erinDear Friends, As I write this, the impact of the war in Ukraine continues to send shock waves through the world’s energy markets. Natural gas rates have doubled. Electricity costs are surging. Heating oil, gasoline and propane have spiked.

We know this is hard for you; it’s hard for us too. When prices spike like this, people tend to think we make more money. In fact, the opposite is true. Customers cut back on fuel use. They have trouble paying their bills. Meanwhile, we have to pay our suppliers within a few days at much higher levels. Supply chain issues are getting worse. It’s an awful mess for everyone.

We know you are anxious about what the next year will bring. We are too. But our family has managed this business through tough stretches before. We have an exceptional team, excellent relationships with suppliers and a phenomenal customer base.

We will get through this together. We can’t control world energy prices, but we do have some ways to make things a little easier for you. Something we can do is get you set up on our SmartPay plan, which will spread your fuel costs into 12 manageable monthly payments. Please see article on Page 4.

While no one knows where things are headed, you can trust us to keep your interests in our hearts and do our best to be there whenever you need us.

Warmly, Erinn Woodcock, President