An Introduction to Renewable Propane

Learn about this cleaner energy source

green home fuels new yorkThere are a lot of reasons homeowners choose propane: It’s one of the cleanest and most efficient fuel options. It’s also extremely versatile. Propane can run a wide range of home appliances and do so at a much lower cost than electricity. Propane has a low carbon profile. It’s a natural by-product of energy production and doesn’t require any expensive infrastructure for its production or delivery.

Renewable Propane Q&A

What is renewable propane?

Renewable propane is comparable to traditional propane chemically and in terms of its physical properties. However, because renewable propane is not made from fossil fuels, it solves some environmental problems and had additional benefits.

How is renewable propane made?

Renewable propane is produced from water residues and sustainably sourced materials like agricultural waste, cooking oil, and meat fats. It’s often produced in conjunction with biodiesel.

What are the environmental benefits of renewable propane?

Renewable propane benefits the environment in two main ways:

  1. Landfill diversion: Recycling cooking oils and animal fats to create biodiesel and renewable propane reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  2. Carbon reduction: Renewable propane has a carbon intensity that is up to five times better than that of diesel and gasoline and 1.5 times better than electricity from the US power grid.

Where is renewable propane made?

There are a few American renewable propane refiners in places like Louisiana and California. California’s AltAir Fuels produces renewable propane as a coproduct of sustainable jet fuel. Especially in Europe, even more commercial production plants are being developed internationally.

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