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Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Ill?

Posted: May 16, 2022

Here’s What to Do Spring is finally here! As the temperatures start to rise, so will your AC usage. Sometimes people feel that their AC system is making them sick. If you’re worried that the AC system in your Hudson Valley home is making you ill, here are some things you should know: Your AC […]

Propane: A Cleaner, Greener Alternative to Electricity

Posted: May 9, 2022

Propane Has Its Benefits These days it seems everything is electric—you can get an electric car, electric bike, and there are lots of advocates for the electrification of homes and towns. However, propane has a lot to offer that electricity doesn’t. Let’s explore some of the reasons it’s a better alternative. Propane Is Greener For […]

An Intro to Mini-Split A/C Systems

Posted: May 2, 2022

Learn What All the Fuss Is About When summer hits the Hudson Valley, you will want to know that you have an AC system that can keep you and your family cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with some of the cooling system options […]

Heating System Tips For Spring

Posted: April 18, 2022

The importance of maintenance this season Spring in the Hudson Valley is a beautiful sight. The weather is warming up, the trees are budding, flowers are making a colorful appearance in gardens, and birdsong grows more vibrant each day. As you enjoy the gifts of this season, give yourself the gift of making sure your […]

Heating Oil Customers: A Special Message to You

Posted: April 11, 2022

Let’s talk about heating oil prices Our global economy means that geopolitical events around the world have an effect on what things cost in the Hudson Valley—from the gas in your car to the milk in your fridge. When the price of oil rises, it hurts us all—even those of us who are in the […]

Put Water Heater Maintenance on Your Spring Chore List

Posted: April 4, 2022

An important thing to do this season Your water heater is one of the unsung heroes of your home. It works hard all year long, but it works especially hard during the winter months. Because of how hard it works and how much you and your family rely on it to provide warm water for […]

How HVAC Service Plans Save Money

Posted: March 21, 2022

5 Reasons You Should Sign Up The heating and cooling system in your Hudson Valley home is a critical part of your family’s comfort. It works hard all year long. It’s also a big investment. The best way to protect that investment is to make sure your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system receives […]

Bulk Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Delivery

Posted: March 14, 2022

Get reliable delivery for your business If your company relies on gasoline or diesel fuel, then you should depend on Bottini Fuel to make sure you always have the fuel you need. Bottini Fuel has the experience and resources to supply your business with bulk gasoline or diesel fuel. Our customers include service companies with […]

5 Facts About Propane Gas

Posted: March 7, 2022

How much do you know about it? The professionals at Bottini Fuel are experts on propane. We know just about everything there is to know about this reliable and versatile energy source. And our Hudson Valley customers benefit from our wealth of knowledge. How much do you know about propane? You probably already know how […]

Why You Need To Change Your Furnace Filter

Posted: February 21, 2022

And how often you should do it If something goes wrong with the furnace in your Hudson Valley home, the experts at Bottini Fuel can repair it or install a new one. However, one thing you can and should be doing for your furnace yourself is routinely checking and changing the filter. This becomes even […]

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