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Propane grill

Time to Get Grilling – but Check Your Propane Cylinder First!

Spring is in the air here in the Hudson Valley – and so are the delicious smells of food cooking away on propane grills.


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Save Money with an Bottini HVAC Service Plan

We probably sound like a broken record when we say that routine maintenance is a must have for any home comfort equipment – especially your HVAC system. But it’s a point that bears repeating (so we’ll do it here!).

House insulation

Assessing Your Insulation Situation

As we discussed in our last blog, several of the most important ways to make your life easier next winter involve managing or reducing your energy bill.

One way to do that that we didn’t discuss is to invest in proper weatherization for your home – and one of the most important elements in home weatherization is insulation.

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Five Ways to Make Life Easier next Winter

Now that the crazy winter of 2017-18 is in our rear view mirror (this week’s spring snow storm notwithstanding), it’s a perfect time to look at some measures that will make next winter a little easier for you and your family.

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Propane Can Do That: 8 Quick Propane Facts

Propane is one of the most efficient energy sources around – and one of the most versatile. In fact, propane can power just about any appliance – and more often than not, it will do it for less money (especially if you currently power your appliances with electricity).