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Improve Your Outdoor Living Space with Propane

Posted: May 1, 2023

4 Products to Level Up Your Backyard Propane is a versatile product that can do a lot inside and outside of your Hudson Valley home. It’s also an efficient and therefore cost-effective fuel. Inside your home it can be used for heating, water heating, cooking, and drying clothes. It can also power a whole house […]

How To Detect A Propane Leak

Posted: April 17, 2023

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe Customers in the Hudson Valley know they can count on Bottini Fuel for their propane delivery. We dependably and safely deliver the propane that keeps homes from Chatham to New City and from Kinderhook to Kingston comfortable, safe, and warm. Whether propane powers your furnace or boiler or you use […]

7 Common Problems of Central AC Systems

Posted: April 3, 2023

How to Know Your A/C Needs Service Summer will soon be here in the Hudson Valley and if you’ve arranged for annual maintenance to be done soon on your central ac or ductless mini-split system, you should be able to keep your cool even when we get into the dog days of summer. But if […]

What Is a Propane Tank Monitor?

Posted: March 20, 2023

Preventing Runouts Is Only One Benefit Bottini customers have always appreciated the convenience of our automatic delivery service. It lets you cross ordering a propane tank refill off your to-do list and it prevents run-outs for many customers. But automatic delivery only works if your usage is predictable. That’s why we also provide wireless tank […]

Should You DIY Air Conditioning Installation?

Posted: March 6, 2023

Do-It-Yourself Projects for A/C Can Be Risky Homeowners should always call in a professional if they ever want to install a new central air conditioning system (or need an air conditioning repair). The fact is, watching “how-to” videos online or reading some home improvement blogs does not give you the expertise to handle what you’ll […]

When Do I Call for Heating Repair?

Posted: February 20, 2023

No Heat? Here’s What to Do. This winter hasn’t brought record-breaking snow to the Hudson Valley (yet), but it has given us some bitterly cold days. That means your heating system has been getting a workout. We hope your heating system continues to provide comfortable warmth for you and your family all winter long, but […]

What Does BTU Mean?

Posted: February 6, 2023

Winter has already hit the Hudson Valley pretty hard. We’re all doing our best to stay warm and comfortable. Have you ever given thought to some of the terms that get used with your HVAC equipment? One such term is BTU. That’s a term you’ve probably heard before, but do you know what it means? […]

What Propane Appliances Can I Use in My Home?

Posted: January 16, 2023

Upgrade Your Indoors with Propane The past few years have caused us to appreciate our homes even more. The Covid-19 pandemic sent many of us inside. For a while, we were working, studying, and doing just about everything else at home. For many of us, life has now gotten back to normal, but our new […]

What Is Winter Blend Fuel?

Posted: January 4, 2023

An Introduction Simply put, there are some things you need to think about during the winter that you don’t need to think about during the other months. Snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures bring certain challenges and considerations that homeowners need to be aware of. One of the things to think about during the cold […]

How Do Water Heaters Work?

Posted: December 19, 2022

Is Yours in Good Shape? Water heaters are something most people don’t spend much time thinking about until something goes wrong. But water heaters serve a very important function in your home. Think about all the things you need warm or hot water for. It really adds up. In fact, according to the US Department […]