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Farewell to Freon

Say Farewell to Freon and Save Money

Posted: March 10, 2016

It’s been estimated that the majority of air conditioning systems in the U.S. will have to be replaced soon. That’s because older cooling systems use R-22 refrigerant–better known as Freon—which will no longer be manufactured after 2020. Freon is considered a greenhouse gas and harms the environment when released into the air.


Tips to Keep Your Winter Deliveries on Track

Posted: November 24, 2015

At Bottini Fuel, we always do our best to get fuel in your tank whenever you need it. However, you can do a few things on your ensure timely deliveries all winter long.

  • If you are not signed up for automatic deliveries, it’s best to call us when your oil level reaches the one-quarter mark, or your propane tank reaches 30%.