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Improve energy efficiency with propane appliances

Improve Energy Efficiency With Propane Appliances

Posted: August 3, 2020

Propane is one of the most versatile sources of energy for your home, able to power everything from furnaces and fireplaces to whole house generators and cooking ranges. But it wouldn’t matter how versatile propane was if it didn’t also deliver great performance.

Five reasons to choose a propane gas stove or cooktop

Choose A Propane Stove: Here Are Five Reasons

Posted: July 27, 2020

More than 9 out of 10 chefs working today choose to cook with gas – and if you’re serious about cooking in your Hudson Valley home, you’ll want to do it with propane.

Propane use in the summer: what’s normal?

Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

Posted: July 20, 2020

When most people think of using propane at home, they think of heating season and their furnace or boiler. But propane is a year-round fuel: if you are a new propane homeowner – or plan to become one soon – you may be surprised at how much of it you use in the “offseason” months.

Propane safety during severe summer weather

Propane Safety During Severe Summer Weather

Posted: July 13, 2020

Propane has one of the safest track records of any home energy source – but like any fuel, you need to take precautions when using it, especially during severe weather.

Ways to stay green this summer

8 Ways To Stay Green This Summer At Your Home

Posted: July 6, 2020

As you probably know, a home cooling system typically accounts for more than half the energy we use at home during the summer – a number that could rise even higher this year with all the time we’re spending at home.

How much propane will I use this summer?

How Much Propane Will I Use This Summer?

Posted: June 23, 2020

Most people with propane appliances use more gas in the winter than in the summer, since furnaces, fireplaces, and space heaters are heavy-duty fuel burners. But that doesn’t mean you won’t use propane during the summer months – in fact, you will probably use more than you think you will!

Heating maintenance and repairs during the summer months

Summer Heating Maintenance and Repairs

Posted: June 16, 2020

Keeping your heating equipment clean and properly maintained is probably not the first thing on your mind as we head into the hottest months of the year, but with things as unpredictable as they are right now, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the curve on all things home comfort-related.

Could your home cooling system be making your home dusty?

Is Your Home Cooling System Making Your Home Dusty?

Posted: June 8, 2020

Air circulation is an important and often overlooked contributor to home comfort: properly moving air will help reduce dust accumulation, stabilize indoor temperatures, prevent mold growth, and even help you control humidity in your Hudson Valley home.

Stay sane with propane – your OUTDOOR fun fuel

Stay Sane With Propane – Your Outdoor Fun Fuel

Posted: June 1, 2020

We’ve all spent way too much time indoors this year – but that’s about to change as summer arrives in northern NJ.

Why are heating oil prices so hard to predict?

Why Are Heating Oil Prices So Hard To Predict?

Posted: May 25, 2020

One question customers ask us every year is “why do heating oil prices change so much every year?” Good question!