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Not to brag, but…

We are so proud to have won the 2018 Readers’ Choice award for the top fuel company from the Times Herald-Record. It’s the third consecutive year we’ve won. We just found out that we were also named Best HVAC company of the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine. Talk about Wow!! We couldn’t have won […]

Floods and propane safety

Propane users need to know proper recovery steps to help protect their family and property. After flooding has ended, look for visible structural damage. Do not relight pilot lights for equipment. Instead, shut off the service valve at the propane tank and call us. Damage to propane regulators and controls is a significant problem when […]

Ask the expert

Q: When should I think about replacing my water heater? A: Most people wait until they see a puddle around their water heater to think about it. That creates a whole host of problems, and very little opportunity to make a good choice. If your unit crosses the 10 year mark, it’s time to think […]

Distinguished customer: Dutchess County Fair

From August 21 to 26, the 173rd annual Dutchess County Fair was in full swing. We were honored to do our part to deliver the smiles. Our involvement in the fair is varied and exciting. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, the event is the second-largest county fair in New York. We supply the propane […]

Community Corner

Two years ago, we pledged to support the Vassar Brothers Medical Center’s (VBMC) massive expansion with a $25,000 donation. True to our word, we recently completed the final installment of our contribution to the Poughkeepsie facility, which will open in 2020 with a 696,000-square-foot facility as well as 14,000 square feet of renovated space. VBMC […]

Your heating oil is now cleaner burning

Did you know that every gallon of oil we put in your tank has ultra-low levels of sulfur? Ultra-low-sulfur heating oil produces near-zero particulate emissions. Because sulfur content is minimal, your oil heat system can burn the fuel more efficiently, leading to lower heating bills and fewer breakdowns.

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