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As always, we’re here for you

No one knows what this fall will bring us, but it is possible we will see a resurgence of COVID-19 in our area, with all its challenges. We are working hard to prepare for any potential disruptions (see next article to learn what we have done). We have an unbelievable team here. They have been […]

Preparing for this moment

While few people could have predicted the massive disruption we’ve faced since March, in some ways, we have been preparing our business for this for years. In the wake of several destructive storms, our company decided to invest in technology that allows us to operate even if our physical office is shut down. This year, […]

Save time, reduce paper clutter, get a $15 credit

When you enroll in our Auto Pay program, you save time, stamps and checks. Your bills are charged to your credit or debit card (like your Amazon purchases), or billed directly to your bank account. You’ll still have complete control over your account, but things stay better organized and there’s no scrambling to find a […]

Please be patient with tune-ups

As you know, the initial outbreak of COVID-19 made it very challenging to get into customers’ homes to do tune-ups back in the spring. Though we are working very hard to catch up, we anticipate continued delays in scheduling. Fortunately, because we deliver high quality, ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, our customers’ systems burn cleaner, enabling them […]

Warming the Homefront marks milestone

As part of our Warming the Homefront program, we recently made our 50th fuel delivery to a Hudson Valley veteran or military family. So far we’ve delivered over 5,000 gallons of free fuel. Working with the Hudson Valley Veterans Alliance (HVVA), our long-term goal is to aid 200 local military families and veterans who need […]

Semper Fi, Albert

A few days before Hurricane Isaias hit, we received a call from the Quirindongo family, requesting a site visit to install a generator. Albert Quirindongo, a Marine who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, needs to stay connected to his medical equipment around the clock—so losing power for any length of time would have […]