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For 60 years, our company operated without a blemish on its reputation. That changed in November. The simple fact is that we mishandled unclaimed funds that were left in customer accounts. After a period of years, they should have been forwarded to the state, and we did not do that. We were wrong. And we […]

Rescheduled tune-up appointments

Every fall we seem to go through this challenge. The first cold snaps hit, and our phone rings off the hook with no-heat calls. But we are booked solid with tune up appointments. It puts us in a terrible bind, as we will have to disappoint someone. Since no heat in 30º temperatures can pose […]

Warming the Homefront

Veterans Jim Cunningham, Lester Felton and Bob Roberts On Veteran’s Day, in partnership with the Hudson Valley Veterans Alliance, we launched Warming the Homefront. The same day, we made a delivery in Barrytown to decorated Vietnam vet, U.S. Marine and Purple Heart recipient Jim Cunningham. Above from left are Jim, Lester Felton, a Bottini delivery […]

Bottini keeps you covered all year

Did your air conditioning system let you down last summer? We’ve got you covered! We’ve installed hundreds of a/c units for our customers. No one has more experience matching the right system to your budget and needs than Bottini. Whether you choose a traditional central a/c unit from Heil or a ductless split air conditioning system […]

Please help our drivers stay safe

Our drivers will do just about anything to make sure you stay warm. But sometimes this means dealing with hazardous conditions, especially when there is snow or ice on the ground. Sometimes, they have slipped and fallen and sustained injuries. You can help our drivers make safe deliveries this winter. Besides shoveling a path to […]