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Important update about our service during the Coronavirus outbreak. Click here

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Safety First

When one of our technicians enters your home, we want both of you to feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve instituted the following precautions: Our techs have been issued masks, gloves and foot coverings, and trained on CDC recommended safety precautions. They have been instructed to stay home if they feel sick or […]

Getting through this together

As I write this, the debilitating effects of COVID-19 are coming into full view. None of us is escaping unscathed. My deepest hope is that you are well, and have not lost someone close to you. Early on, we decided that our #1 priority was the safety of our people and customers. I can’t be […]

If you’re stuck at home this summer, you’d better chill

Two things look certain right now. Many of us will be spending much more time at home this summer. It’s going to get hot. We expect a surge in calls for A/C installations as restrictions are easing. There are bound to be big delays. Some people will be without A/C for a while. Secure your […]

Pricing and payment options that make more sense than ever

With so much uncertainty, a little predictability is a good thing. Please consider taking advantage of these options. Go on our EZ Pay budget plan – Whether you are facing economic hardship or not, it’s always easier to spread your payments over 12 months, rather than come up with fuel bills at the height of […]

Please give us your email address and cell phone numbers

With so much uncertainty, we urge you to make it easier to reach you and keep you informed of changes to operations or appointments that could affect you. We don’t give your information to anyone else. You can do this easily by calling our office at 845-297-5580 or using the My Account portal on our […]

Why should I get my tune-up done now?

With the possibility of more virus flare ups and more potential lockdowns in the future, we urge you to make your tune-up appointment now. We are concerned that if customers wait, we may not be able to get to them all. Your tune up will not “wear off” by winter, and it ensures that your […]

Keep a closer eye on your tank now

Many of our customers have changed their fuel consumption patterns because of the virus. Maybe your college kids are now at home, and you’re using a lot more hot water for showers; Or, you might be cooking more with propane, or using your pool heater earlier. You might be working from home, and leaving the […]