Are Boiler Repairs In Orange County, NY Affordable?

boiler repair new yorkIf you rely on an experienced heating service company like Bottini Fuel, in most cases we can keep your boiler repair costs at a minimum.

By maintaining your equipment properly with the help of an annual Bottini Fuel service plan, you can extend the life of your boiler and prevent many problems from happening in the first place. If a problem does occur, our service technicians have years of experience in repairing heating systems of all models and types, including gas boilers and oil boilers.

Understanding your boiler

Here’s a quick primer: boilers transfer water or steam heat to warm your home. This “moist” heat is sent through baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing or other sealed hydronic devices in your home.

Boilers run quietly and provide comfortable warmth. Because they don’t use fans or blowers like forced warm air furnaces do, they don’t contribute to the blowing of dust, dirt or allergens through your indoor air.

Determining the extent of your boiler repair in Orange County

Our customer service representatives are trained to help figure out what the boiler problem may be. In some cases, they can help you solve it without the expense of a service call. We will typically ask you a few questions to see if you may be able to get your boiler started yourself—in some cases it could be something simple like a tripped circuit breaker or a power switch that may have been shut off accidentally. Read our trouble-shooting tips.

If you’re a Bottini customer and we determine that your boiler can’t be restarted without a service call, we will make it a priority to get to you fast. Because when the temperature plummets and you lose your heat, it’s a serious matter. Not only are you uncomfortable, but losing your heat can lead to bigger problems, like frozen pipes. We understand this, which is why you can trust us to reach your home quickly.

For Bottini Fuel customers, our emergency response team is always on call to dispatch a trained and experienced service technician at any time. And with countless years of experience in repairing all kinds of boilers, our service team is ready for any challenge—backed by a fully stocked service vehicle that’s ready to go 24/7—packed with the parts and tools needed to get your heat up and running again.

Unlike some other companies in the area, we do not use subcontractors! All repair work is done by our own in-house technicians, all of whom have the proper licensing and certifications to fix your boiler right the first time.

Boiler breakdowns in Orange County can be expensive sometimes

However we try to minimize it from happening, there is always a chance you may require an after-hours service call, plus parts and labor, which could add up to a big repair bill for your boiler.

That’s why Bottini Fuel offers Comfort Care heating equipment service plans. Our plans–Value, Standard and Premium–include annual tune-ups that help ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency, and can more often than not avert breakdowns.
In fact, four out of five repairs could have been avoided with regular maintenance. And if you do ever require repairs, our plans provide priority service and either repair discounts or no-cost repairs (depending on the plan you choose).
Our service plans cover everything from oil and propane heating systems to water heaters and central air conditioning systems.

Speak with our boiler experts at our Orange County offices in Port Jervis and Washingtonville

If you have an older boiler, we encourage you to contact our experts to learn how a new, high-efficiency model will help you save on energy costs, make your home more comfortable, help protect the environment and more. We will also help determine which boiler model best suits your home, family and budget. Read about some of the boilers we install here.

If you live in Goshen, Washingtonville, Warwick, Newburgh, Port Jervis, Mount Hope, Cornwall and surrounding communities in Orange County, NY, contact us and see the difference we can make in your home comfort throughout the year.

Our service area also includes Dutchess County and Ulster County.