Always there when you need us the most

Despite mostly warmer than normal temperatures this past winter, we were smacked with extraordinary cold around Christmas, and brutal snow in mid-March.

During the March Nor’easter, our entire team showed up for work, and our drivers said the only vehicles on the road that morning were snow plows, utility repair trucks and Bottini Fuel delivery trucks.

We can’t thank our amazing team enough for everything they did to take care of you during these times. We had a record number of phone calls, service and delivery requests. And as luck would have it, they came Christmas Eve and Day, and later on a March weekend.

It took us time to reach everyone, and we appreciate all the patience you showed and how well most everyone treated our team. During times like this, we always prioritize the needs of our customers vs. those of other people whose companies left them hanging.

Any fuel or service company can perform when it’s 45 degrees and sunny. We set a higher standard. We want to always be there when it matters most. This year, it didn’t happen so much, but when it did, it really mattered.