Posted: June 25, 2021

Ask the expert

Q: How do I know if a ductless heat pump system is right for my home?

A: A mini-split ductless heat pump system—like the Mitsubishi units we install—are perfect for rooms that don’t already have a heating and cooling system—like an addition, finished basement or a workshop in the garage. You can also use them to add air conditioning to a kitchen or living room. For some homes, a couple of well-placed indoor units can handle your heating and cooling needs for most of the year.

Q: Are these units more efficient than window air conditioners?

A: Yes. Here’s one example. Our Mitsubishi mini-split systems rely on variable speed motors. On milder days, your mini-split will run on a slower speed than on a hot day and save you energy. In comparison, a window unit will just blast you with cool air and then shut off.

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