Automatic delivery customers: Keep us in the loop!

propane gaugeAutomatic delivery is a great way to take the worry of managing your supply of heating oil and propane , which can help you prevent costly and potentially even dangerous winter fuel runouts.

But as you probably know, the timing of your automatic deliveries is based on averages – specifically, the average amount of heating oil or propane you have used in the past plus a weather-related average called a degree day, which we will talk about in a future blog.

To put it another way, your automatic delivery schedule is based on an educated guess rather than specific knowledge of how much fuel is in your tank. The problem with any kind of guesswork is that you need complete information to arrive at intelligent conclusions.

That’s where you come in.

If something significant has changed in your house or your home life that might affect how much heating oil or propane you use, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP. For example, we need to know if:

If any of these life events have happened for you since last heating season, let us know so we can adjust your heating oil delivery schedule.

Eliminate the guesswork with a Gremlin Tank Monitor

Of course you can take the guesswork completely out of the equation by installing a Gremlin Tank Monitor, which (for a nominal fee) will track your actual heating oil or propane usage and alert us (and you, via a smart phone app) when it’s time to fill your propane tank or heating oil tank.

Contact us today to learn more about the peace of mind a Gremlin can bring for the rest of this heating season and beyond!

If you’re planning changes like these to your home life, let us know so we can adjust your automatic heating oil deliveries!