Posted: October 3, 2018

Backup Power: The Ultimate Peace of Mind Solution for Your Home

Looming storm

As we seem to see more and more often these days, severe weather can cause inconvenient – and sometimes dangerous – power outages. But there is one piece of home comfort equipment that can protect your family and home when the power goes down: in a whole house generator.

Often called a standby or backup generator, the unit is typically gas-powered (propane is most common) and looks like a covered central air conditioner. By connecting directly to your home’s HVAC and electrical systems, it can give you uninterrupted access to all the comforts of home when the grid goes down.

Protecting your home and family

A backup generator does much more than simply keep the lights on: by keeping your power up and running, a backup generator provides:

Bottini: Your generator installation specialist

Because it involves your home electrical and HVAC systems plus its own fuel source, installing a whole house generator is not a DIY job – particularly because it must be placed and connected according to local, regional, and federal flood, noise, gas, and electrical codes.

The good news is our technicians are generator installation specialists. We’ll install your generator quickly and in compliance with all applicable laws so you can start enjoying the peace of mind of having backup power.

Be prepared for any weather with professional generator installation services from Bottini Fuel! Contact us to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a whole house generator installation for your Northern New Jersey-area home today.