The Benefits of FREE Automatic Delivery

automatic fuel delivery new york

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to keep one eye on your propane or heating oil fuel gauge all fall and winter long – and you DEFINITELY don’t want to go without heat, especially if we get a repeat performance of last year’s frigid winter.

Fortunately, we offer a FREE service that can help you avoid these problems altogether: Automatic Delivery.

Here’s how it works:

Why Is Automatic Delivery Free?

Automatic Delivery is free because it helps us schedule efficient delivery routes so we can better serve all our customers and avoid emergency run-outs. You get hassle-free fuel management, we get happy customers – everybody wins!

Peace of Mind All Fall and Winter Long

Fuel run-outs are a costly and potentially dangerous mistake: extinguished pilot lights can be a safety hazard, and a professional restart of your heating system will come out of your pocket. With FREE automatic delivery, you can avoid these problems all winter long; think of it as FREE peace of mind.

Don’t risk a heating oil or propane run-out – sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery from Bottini. Contact us today to sign up!