Building trust, one customer at a time

Noah G. of Rhinebeck wanted to replace his 30-year-old heating oil boiler with something more modern and efficient. But he needed a company he could trust to do the job right. He started by obtaining three quotes for a new propane gas boiler from local HVAC companies, including one from us.

“Bottini’s quote was very fair, and it helped that I already had a relationship with them. They’ve supplied the propane for my gas stove and pool heater,” he says.

In the end, we installed a Veismann propane gas boiler for Noah and also replaced an old electric water heater with a new, high-efficiency propane water heater.

“Bottini did a great job all around,” he says, “from removing the old equipment and cleaning up the work area to explaining everything as they went along. I appreciate all that they did to make my home more comfortable and energy efficient.”