Posted: March 29, 2022

Christmas wish contest

We picked 12 winners from among the many customers who shared their Christmas Wish with us. All 12 received a delivery of heating fuel at 70-cents per gallon. Here are a few wishes that tugged at our hearts.

“My wish is that everyone is happy, healthy, and harmonious. I wish that all those that are required to work on Christmas, get home safely. I pray for all the men and women serving overseas that they all get home safely. I wish that everyone could just put aside their differences and get along.”
–Kevin F.

“As a nurse, I pray for everyone’s good health, I am COVID-swabbing all day and there are so many positives. I pray for it to not take any more lives.”
–Melissa G.

“My Christmas wish is for all men and women in uniform protecting us every single day, stay safe and out of harm’s way.
—Lizzie L.

“I pray that whoever wins this contest really needs the fuel and will be blessed by your generosity.”
–Janet S.

“My Christmas wish is that everyone can be finally Covid-free so everyone can be back to somewhat normal living.”
—Linda S.