Comfort Care Service Plans – Three High Value Options From Bottini

A home heating system is one of the most important investments you can make for your home comfort, so it’s important to treat it right.

Mostly, that means making sure you get it serviced every year, regardless of how well it seems to be running.

That’s because most costly repairs start as small issues that aren’t easy to detect –problems that a good technician can spot early and fix quickly, sparing your furnace, boiler or water heater from unnecessary wear and tear (and you from an unnecessary expense).

One of the best ways to get annual service is with a Bottini Comfort Care Plan.these plans include an annual tune-up that will keep your heating system running reliably at peak efficiency.

If you do need repairs, Comfort Care Plans will also give you priority service and repair discounts, including no-cost repairs for our Premium Oil Heating Plan.

Plans are available for your oil heating and propane heating systems and your water heater. We also have plans for your air conditioning system (fall is a great time to get that service out of the way), along with ProGuard Tank Insurance for your aboveground or underground oil tank. Contact us to learn more!

Contact us today to get started with a new Comfort Care Plan for your Hudson Valley home!