Customers Have a Voice Program

Bottini Customers Have a Voice

Unlike many other companies, Bottini Fuel does not hide their upper management behind countless levels of customer service representatives. We welcome your ideas and insight; that’s why we created the Customers Have a Voice program.

In a company the size of Bottini Fuel, there are circumstances where people feel as though they would like to voice their opinions, positive or negative, directly to upper management. The purpose of this program is to provide our customers with a way to do just that. We want you to have a voice in our company, and allow you a method to provide feedback directly to our management team. Good or bad, we want to know.

We do ask that you make an attempt to resolve any issues first through our customer service department. Our representatives have the authority and ability to resolve almost all of the questions or concerns you may have.
If you have already contacted our customer service department and feel you still need to speak directly to upper management, please fill out the form below and we will send it directly to the appropriate person in upper management. 

We document the feedback our customers give us and use it as part of a structured review process to determine ways of improving our existing process.

Send us your thoughts!