Cooling Equipment

Cooling Solutions for Homes in the Hudson Valley, NY, Region

Trust Bottini to keep your home cool and comfortable!

When summer weather turns hot and muggy, there’s nothing like the comfort of a cooling system in your home.

The Bottini Fuel expert technicians are masters in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of air conditioning products, demonstrating proven expertise and a commitment to our customers’ comfort.

With top models from leading brands like Heil and Mitsubishi, we’ll help you choose the right cooling solution for your home, then deliver and install your equipment quickly — usually in a day or two.

Our team is skilled in crafting central air systems to ensure that every corner of your home stays cool even on the hottest summer days.

When it comes to replacing an old, inefficient central air conditioning unit or installing a complete system with new ductwork, count on the cooling experts at Bottini Fuel. We handle the job swiftly, cleanly and professionally. Our team excels in installing ductless air conditioning systems as well.

Rest assured that from the moment we begin installing your system until we conduct the final test, you and your property will consistently receive respectful treatment.

We also take care of your cooling system after it’s installed. Our affordable Comfort Care service plans include an annual tune-up for your cooling system. These tune-ups help your system run at its maximum energy efficiency while also allowing our service technicians to detect and fix problems before they can lead to breakdowns. If repairs are needed, you get priority service along with discounts on many parts and labor costs for repairs.

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning works efficiently. Unlike window units, which seem to take ages to cool your home, central air does it in no time.

In addition to quicker cooling, central air conditioning systems offer superior energy efficiency compared with window units. Central air conditioning also operates much more quietly, providing a peaceful night’s sleep without any disruptive noise.

Your indoor air quality sees a boost with central air conditioning. This is because your home’s air cycles through the air conditioning system, which filters out dust, dirt and allergens. The continuous air circulation also reduces the likelihood of mold growth in your home.

Our services include installation of smart and programmable thermostats, which can help you improve your home’s comfort while keeping energy efficiency high.

Heat pumps

Heat pump systems stand out as an excellent choice for residents in homes lacking ductwork. Opting for heat pumps lets you savor the benefits of air conditioning without the hassle of adding ductwork for central air systems. Moreover, this method allows you to say goodbye to the noise and energy wastage commonly linked with traditional window A/C units.

A heat pump system allows for zoned cooling in your home, helping to keep your rooms comfortable while ensuring energy efficiency.

Bottini Fuel is the leader in the Hudson Valley for all cooling system services for your home! Contact us today to learn more about our services.