Heat Pumps

New high-efficiency heat pump systems from Bottini Fuel in New York’s Hudson Valley

Bottini Fuel offers expert installation of quality Heil heat pumps for your Hudson Valley–area home. We also install innovative water source (or hydro-air) heat pump systems from First Company and ductless mini-split heat pump systems from Mitsubishi Electric.

How a heat pump works

A heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system solution! In the summer, the refrigerant in a heat pump captures heat inside your home and expels it to the outside. In the winter, the refrigerant does the opposite. Air travels through a coil in your outdoor unit. Heat from the air will be captured there and transferred to the refrigerant. Yes, even cold air has heat energy in it!

As the refrigerant warms, it turns into a vapor and travels to the indoor coil of your heat pump. A blower fan then pushes this heat through your ductwork and your vents.

Thanks to innovations in technology, the heat pumps that Bottini Fuel installs today can keep your home toasty warm even when outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing point (32°F).

First Company HBXB-HW air handler

First Company HBXB-HW Air Handler

This high-efficiency water source (or hydro-air) heat pump system keeps you cool in the summertime with electric air conditioning, and then switches to less expensive and more comfortable hot water heat in the wintertime.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump systems

These systems let you cool or heat virtually any space without installing expensive ductwork. Besides being highly efficient—they use less electricity to do the same job as a window air conditioner or a space heater. These units are compact, inconspicuous and quiet can mount almost anywhere and all connect to one outdoor unit.

These units are perfect for:

Read more about ductless heat pump systems.

Heat pump installations, maintenance and service

Besides top-quality installations, we’ve also got you covered with heat pump maintenance service and repairs to keep your heat pump system operating at peak efficiency all year round.

Find a new heat pump system at a great price or professional heat pump maintenance and repair services in Kerhonkson, Port Jervis, Red Hook, Saugerties, Tannersville, Wappingers Falls, Washingtonville and surrounding New York communities.

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