Cut Energy Costs While Staying Warm This Winter

Tips for taming your heating bills

efficiency tips new yorkWe’ve enjoyed a beautiful and mild autumn in the Hudson Valley, but winter makes no promises. Now is the time to take steps to prevent the dipping temperatures from making your heating bills unmanageable. You and your family can still be comfortable while cutting your energy costs this winter. Below are some ways to help make your home more energy-efficient and keep your heating bills as manageable as possible.

5 Tips for Making Your Winter Heating Bills More Affordable

  1. Use a programmable thermostat: Put your family’s comfort and the ability to save money at your fingertips. By strategically setting your thermostat to lower the temperature in your home by about 6 degrees during the daytime hours everyone is out of the house and the nighttime hours everyone is asleep, you can lower your heating bills by as much as 10% without affecting your family’s comfort.
  2. Address drafts: A drafty house can lose up to 20% of its heated air through gaps and spaces around your windows, doors, plumbing, chimney, ductwork, etc. Caulking your windows and adding door sweeps and weather stripping to your home will help keep the warmth where you want it and save you money in the process because your heating system won’t have to work as hard. You’ll see the savings on your energy bills during the summer months as well because your home will stay cooler longer and demand less of your air conditioner.
  3. Install Insulation: Similar to cutting down on drafts, adding insulation will help your house retain heat. That saves you money by working your heating system less and helps keep your household comfortable. Most homes (especially older ones) weren’t built with energy efficiency front of mind. But even newer homes can benefit from the addition of insulation. And the savings on your heating bills will offset the cost of installation.
  4. Get some sun: The sun is a free source of energy you can harness as a supplement to your heating system. Open your curtains during the day to let as much energy in as possible. Close your curtains before the sun sets to help retain the heat that’s built up all day.
  5. Enroll in EZ Pay: Signing up for Bottini Fuel’s EZ Pay Plan could cut your winter fuel costs by up to 50%. There’s no cost to enroll, and this service is available to both our heating oil and propane customers. We’ll split your estimated heating costs into 12 predictable monthly installments. You’ll pay the same amount each month of the year, and for most customers that means a 50% decrease during the winter months.

Bottini Fuel has over 70 years of experience keeping our customers comfortable and safe in their homes. We also offer value. Our heating oil and propane prices are consistently below the state average. Click here to see which of our many locations serves your area.

With locations serving New York’s Hudson Valley as well as parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Bottini Fuel is here for you. Contact us today to learn more.