Posted: March 18, 2021

Distinguished customer: Full Moon Resort

While we’ve dedicated most of this newsletter to the past, here’s an example of why Hudson Valley homeowners and businesses choose us today.

For more than 20 years, Full Moon Resort—nestled within the Catskills in Big Indian, NY–has been hosting weddings, private events and educational music programming.

Owner Henry Stout, who has relied on us for more than a decade, was so pleased with our service that he decided to switch all of his personal and commercial accounts to Bottini Fuel based on our “proven, exceptional customer service.”

“Unlike any service provider we have ever had, Bottini is always there for us; whether for scheduled service or in an emergency.”

He said in the hospitality business, you cannot afford to take chances with unreliable service providers.

“I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for more than 25 years, and I’ve dealt with countless service providers,” Henry said. “Bottini stands out as a leader and a beacon of excellence.”