Ditch your electric water heater – choose propane instead

elec water heaterIf you’re like the average American family, you use about 60-70 gallons of hot water a day in your sinks, showers, and appliances – just shy of a bathtub-full. That’s quite a load for your water heater, and a big reason why water heating accounts for somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of your home energy bill.

If you want to keep your bills on the low end of that scale, there’s a simple solution: swap your electric water heater for a propane-powered one.

Making the switch to a propane water heater can provide all kinds of benefits in your Hudson Valley home. Consider these premium propane perks:

As you can see, when it comes to water heating, it’s hard to beat propane.

While installing a propane water heater (or an oil-fired water heater) may cost a bit more up front than installing an electric water heater, the energy savings are substantial. Throw in the lifespan improvements of propane equipment and the scales tip even further toward gas.

Looking for an easy way to save 30 percent or more on your water heating energy bill? Switch to propane! Just make sure you stick with Bottini Fuels for the most reliable propane deliveries in our Hudson Valley service area.

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