Does propane freeze?

propane tank snowWhen it comes to keeping you warm in the winter, there aren’t many fuels that can keep up with propane. But what does propane think of the cold?

In general, propane deals well with dropping temperatures, but it does have some problems with extreme cold. Here’s why: When propane is stored in your tank, it’s a liquid under high pressure; it must vaporize and expand to be used as a fuel. But as temperatures drop, so does pressure inside the tank – to the point where eventually pressure may be too low to effectively power your larger propane heating equipment.

When we say extreme cold, we mean it: propane turns to a liquid at -44 degrees F. Still, some precautions should be taken if you own a propane-powered home in a cold climate.

To avoid pressure problems during cold weather extremes:

Some other extreme weather propane tips:

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