How To Estimate Heating Oil Or Propane Usage

estimate heating oil new yorkPlanning ahead is a good thing, especially when it comes to expenses this time of year.

You’ve got holiday gifts, parties and dinners to spend money on. After that’s all done, the tax man awaits. So it makes sense to get handle on your home’s heating oil or propane usage so you have an idea on what you’ll be spending on your fuel this winter.

Factors of home energy use

When it comes to your home’s fuel usage, there are a whole lot of things that you have to factor in, such as:

In other words, don’t go by what your neighbor or father-in-law say.

Home heating math

We’ll show you how to estimate how much heating oil or propane you use, so you’ll know about when you’ll need to schedule a heating oil delivery from Bottini Fuel.

One way to do that is look at your past heating oil usage. How many gallons did it take to refill your tank? Divide that number by the days between refills. Here’s an example: If you got a refill of 200 gallons last year after 30 days since your last refill, you’re using about 6.67 gallons of fuel a day.

If you have automatic heating oil delivery or automatic propane delivery with P. Gagnon & Son, you don’t have to make a delivery request! We estimate your heating oil usage and schedule a heating oil delivery before you run low.

At Bottini Fuel, we also use a calculation known as heating degree days. Every degree that the average daily temperature is below 65 degrees counts as one degree day. If the average temperature on a given day in our area is 30 degrees, it’s counted as 40 degree days. That helps us calculate your fuel usage so we know when to schedule an automatic delivery to your home.

Get in touch with Bottini Fuel to find out more about automatic heating oil delivery and automatic propane delivery!