Be Prepared For Extreme Winter Weather

winter fuel tank care new yorkIf experts are right, we could be seeing a flurry (or blizzard, in our case) of winter weather activity in the coming weeks, with the polar vortex potentially poised to make another appearance in our neck of the woods after a two-year hiatus.

That brutally frigid air could bring with it severe conditions that could include lots of snow an ice, which means we’ll all have to take some special precautions – especially during this period of COVID isolation.

Home Fuel Tips For Winter

If you’re a propane delivery customer, please keep in mind the following during periods of extreme weather to keep your family and our crews safe during and after the arrival of severe winter storms.

  1. Mark your tank – Install a colored flag near the fill valve of your propane tank so our delivery crew can find it in the event of deep snow; a flag also helps the driver to safely and most effectively position his truck for your delivery.
  2. Keep a path to your tank clear – Snow and ice can make it difficult to reach your propane tank for re-filling, monitoring, and maintenance – make sure you keep at least an 18” path cleared to your fill valve and gauge.
  3. After the storm, keep snow and ice off your tank – Once you clear a path to your propane tank, switch to a broom to clear snow and ice from the tank itself; using a shovel for this purpose could damage the tank.
  4. Keep a constant eye on your propane levels – If you are not an automatic propane delivery customer, keep a close eye on your propane levels throughout the winter – especially when it’s as cold as it could be with the vortex meandering through our region. The colder it gets, the faster you’ll use fuel. When possible, try to call when your tank is about one-third full; the colder it is, the busier our delivery crew gets, so don’t wait until the last minute to contact us for a propane delivery.
  5. If you have a propane backup generator, be sure it’s full – A propane backup generator is a wonderful appliance that can bring instant peace of mind – if it works when you need it to. Take it for a test run now, before severe weather arrives in a few weeks; if you find any problems, take care of them right away – and make sure your tank is filled with enough propane to get you through at least a week without power!
  6. Remind your family about propane leaks – Always keep a nose out for a propane leak, which smells like rotten eggs. If you detect that odor, follow propane safety procedures immediately.

Be prepared for any weather this winter with reliable propane delivery in the Hudson Valley from the pros at Bottini Fuel. Contact us today to learn more!