Five ways to make life easier

A few simple steps taken now can make dealing with next winter a little easier.

  1. Make sure we have your correct email address and cell phone number. “Like” us on Facebook, That way, if phone landlines get jammed, we can still communicate with you.
  2. Sign up for automatic deliveries. We’ll know when you need fuel, and can adjust your schedule with the weather forecast.
  3. Enroll in our EZ Pay plan. Your payments will be predictable no matter how much fuel you need. Consider price protection, too: it can protect against fuel-price surges when temperatures plunge.
  4. Get a tune-up. Annual tune-ups keep heating equipment running at peak efficiency and prevent most of the problems that lead to breakdowns.
  5. Replace aging equipment. You could save as much as 30% on fuel costs through improved efficiency. Even if well maintained, older equipment has a hard time keeping up with demand under extended extreme cold.