Do You Have A Propane Generator Readiness Plan?

winter generator care new yorkA whole-house propane generator can be a godsend in the cold winter months, when a Hudson Valley power failure can have catastrophic consequences for your home and family.

But a generator is only great if it operates immediately and perfectly when you need it most. To make sure it does, it pays to have a year-round Generator Readiness Plan that includes three components:

  1. Pre-event preparation
  2. Severe winter weather response
  3. Post- winter event record keeping and maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at each of these three important Plan elements.

Pre-Event Preparation

Prior to the threat of severe weather (in any season, but particularly during winter, when a power outage can leave you without heat), take the following steps:

During Severe Winter Weather

When severe weather is imminent, the most important thing to do is to make sure your generator and propane tanks are safe and accessible.

Offseason Record Keeping And Maintenance

Staying safe with a propane generator is a year-round process! Once winter ends, take care of the following important tasks:

Make sure you have enough propane for your backup generator in the event of a severe weather power outage this winter! Contact Bottini Fuel today to schedule a propane delivery in the Hudson Valley.