Get More Predictable Bills This Fall and Winter with Bottini’s EZ Pay Plan Program

Happy man paying his bills

About 80 percent of your annual heating bill comes during a four-month period (that happens to land right around the holidays – ugh). If we hit a cold snap here in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey, that can lead to some unwelcome billing surprises come January and February.

But you can avoid those unwelcome surprises and make your fuel bills more predictable and manageable in the year ahead – and best of all, you can do it for FREE.

How? By signing up for Bottini’s EZ Pay Plan.

EZ Pay from Bottini: How it works

With EZ Pay, we’ll make an estimate of your fuel use based on your past bills, then divide that total into 12 equal payments (we can make small adjustments – up or down – as needed). There are no finance charges for this service, and no cost to enroll – and if you have a Bottini service plan, we can even work that fee into your monthly payment.

Imagine how much easier your budgeting will be if you know how much you’ll pay for your energy bills every month!

Plan ahead and make your bill paying more predictable and less stressful this fall and winter – all without spending an extra dime! Contact us today to get started with a Bottini Budget Plan.