Guaranteed fair pricing

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked me where heating fuel prices are headed. There are many factors that cause energy prices to rise and fall, including wild cards like severe weather and events that affect energy production.

A case in point is Hurricane Harvey, which caused significant disruptions in production because major refineries in Texas had to be temporarily shut down. Although there were no actual shortages that affected our area, fuel prices around the country — for gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil — all rose based on speculation in the stock market about what could happen in the coming weeks and months.

Additionally, right now propane prices areat the highest point in two years, largely because of record amounts of propane being exported.

Most of this is beyond our control, but as a Bottini customer, you’re always guaranteed a fair rate. We are the only company in the Hudson Valley that guarantees we will always be below the statewide average price charged by oil or propane companies.* (Visit our website and click Programs/Guaranteed Fair Pricing to read more.)

Guaranteed fair pricing — just one of the ways we’ve got you covered!

Rick Bottini