Posted: May 18, 2023

Guardian Angel

Last Nov 7, Jerry Lopez, a Bottini delivery driver for five years, thought he was making a routine heating oil delivery to a home in Highland Lake. But it turned out to be far from routine.

After he finished filling the oil tank, Jerry approached the front door, intending to leave the delivery ticket there. That’s when he heard a muffled voice from inside: “Help me…. help me.”

“I looked at the name on the delivery ticket and called out the customer’s first name: Miss Kathleen, is that you?”

“Yes, I need help. Please come in.”

Jerry gained entry to the home and found Kathleen lying on the floor near her first-floor bedroom. She had fallen and broken her hip.

Jerry left the delivery ticket on a table nearby and helped Kathleen get into a more comfortable position.

“I also brought her a glass of water because I knew she was dehydrated. She had fallen on Monday and it was now Wednesday morning.”

Jerry alerted our office to the situation and our dispatcher, in turn alerted the police. Jerry stayed until an ambulance took Kathleen to the hospital.

“Miss Kathleen finally returned home in late January. We’ve become good friends and talk on the phone. Oh, and the delivery ticket I left on her table that morning? She put it in a picture frame. She told me she always wanted to remember the day her Guardian Angel from Bottini took care of her.”