Have You Checked Your Propane Levels?

Freezing at home

The calendar says November, but the air in the Hudson Valley screamed “January!” last week, with temperatures flirting with zero degrees in our neck of the woods.

With that sudden drop, you probably used more propane than you are accustomed to this time of year – the question is, have you checked your gas gauge to see if you have enough to get you through the next few weeks, when temps can really nosedive?

In the “new normal,” it seems these seesaw temperature swings have become the norm (remember last January?) – which means that if you are a Will Call customer, you will have to stay vigilant in your propane management to avoid runouts.

Those runouts can be more than inconvenient if they happen during a time last our last week’s early visit from Old Man Winter – they can be downright dangerous. They can also be costly, since the law requires a system reset and propane pressure test after any system shut-down – all on your dime.

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Fortunately, we offer a FREE service that can help you avoid propane runouts altogether: Automatic Propane Delivery. Here’s how it works:

Of course, Will Call delivery is still an option for you – the choice is always yours at Bottini Fuels.

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