My Heat Pump Is Constantly Running…Is That Normal?

my heat pump won't stop running hudson valley

If this is your first winter with a heat pump, it may surprise you to find how often it runs. Believe it or not, it’s designed to run almost continuously while it is working, especially in the winter.

When you get a professional heat pump installation in your home, a heating professional chooses equipment that is sized and designed to work with the space in your home. As the temperatures drop in the Hudson Valley, your heat pump could be working continuously to pull heat from outdoor air into your home to keep your space warm. But take heart: even though it is running continually, your heat pump can still deliver incredible efficiency, as long as it is installed and maintained by a qualified heating professional.

Other reasons why your heat pump might be running all the time

If you think your heat pump is running more often than it should, or if your house isn’t as warm or comfortable as you think it should be, check the following potential culprits:

Expert heat pump repair in the Hudson Valley

Heat pump still not working? Don’t worry – Bottini Fuels has got you covered. Our heat pump specialists can diagnose your heat pump problems and get them fixed quickly and correctly, so you can get back to enjoying the comforts of home.

For expert heat pump installations and heat pump maintenance in the Hudson Valley, trust the pros at Bottini Fuels. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule service for your heat pump!