Additional Heating Options

Heating Options for Your Home

Bottini Fuel makes every square inch of your home warm and comfortable

There’s more to heating your home than a furnace, boiler or heat pumps. If you have specialized needs for your home heating, Bottini Fuel offers a range of equipment to help you meet them.

Baseboard heating

Traditional cast-iron radiators have become less common in new home construction, largely replaced by baseboard-style radiators.

When hot water from your boiler reaches the baseboard radiator, it travels through a network of pipes and fins, releasing heat into your home.

Baseboard heating systems may include movable covers, enabling you to make adjustments for heat output per room, similar to the way air registers and vents work in forced-air systems.

With a baseboard heater, you get more even heat distribution than you do with a cast-iron radiator, making it a great upgrade to improve your boiler’s efficiency.

Radiant heating

In a radiant heat system, heat emanates from hot water circulating through tubes beneath the floor. Radiant heat has proven more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating. Plus, without air being blown around during heating, hydronic radiant heat stands out as an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Nothing quite matches the cozy comfort of a floor gently warmed by radiant heat, especially on tiled surfaces. Radiant heat brings flexibility, as the system can be powered by heating water using a traditional oil-fired or propane boiler.

Heating controls

Proper control of your home’s heating system is essential for energy efficiency as well as comfort.

Bottini Fuel offers multiple options for maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing wear and tear on your heating system.

For starters, we offer top-quality smart and programmable thermostats. Both can be programmed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while you’re home, then automatically switch to a cooler temperature while you are gone for the day or in bed.

Smart thermostats offer benefits like being able to control your home’s heating system from your smartphone, anywhere you get a signal. They can also alert you to any issues with your heating system.

Using smart or programmable thermostats correctly can cut your heating energy costs by 10%!

We also offer boiler controls that can optimize boiler efficiency, reduce flue emissions, and potentially extend the life expectancy of your boiler.

With additional heating options from Bottini Fuel, you can enjoy superior comfort and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.