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Bioheat® Fuel Delivery in New York’s Hudson Valley

Get cleaner-burning and better performance with Bioheat fuel from Bottini Fuel!

Homeowners today are seeking ways not only to warm their homes efficiently but also to do so in a way that is eco-friendly and cost-effective.

In recent years, the conversation around sustainability has become a significant driver in household energy decisions, leading many to explore new options that align with their environmental values. One option that’s gaining traction is Bioheat fuel—a sustainable solution that promises to warm homes while reducing the environmental impact of home heating.

Bottini Fuel delivers B5 Bioheat® fuel, a blend of 95% ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) with 5% biodiesels. This fuel helps protect the Hudson Valley environment we all cherish, and it keeps your home warm, safe and comfortable while helping to bring your home heating costs down.

What is Bioheat fuel?

Bioheat fuel is made by blending ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) with biodiesels made from a range of renewable materials. These include:

Efforts to promote biodiesel alternatives continue. According to a recent study done by Michigan State University, growing switchgrass, a biofuel crop, on underutilized agricultural land can play a significant role in environmental conservation.

Not only does this provide a new source of biodiesel for Bioheat fuel, it brings added benefits to our nation’s farmers by generating extra revenue from previously unproductive land. This dual advantage promotes sustainability and, at the same time, strengthens agricultural livelihoods.

Ultra-low-sulfur heating oil has been mandated here in New York State since 2018. ULSHO strictly adheres to stringent standards, maintaining sulfur content at 15 parts per million (ppm) or lower. This impressive 99% reduction of sulfur levels in heating oil from three decades ago ensures cleaner, more environmentally friendly heating choices for residents, offering a greener approach to home warmth.

By eliminating almost all sulfur from heating oil, we’ve achieved an impressive 70% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions over traditional heating oil.

What are the advantages of Bioheat fuel?

For homeowners seeking to make informed energy choices, there are multiple benefits to using Bioheat fuel. This eco-friendly option not only helps the environment but also brings advantages in cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

The remarkable appeal of Bioheat fuel lies in its significantly reduced carbon footprint. By combining traditional heating oil with biodiesel, Bioheat fuel diminishes greenhouse-gas emissions and promotes cleaner air quality. This transition can make a substantial impact, especially in areas where conventional oil heating prevails, like here in the Northeast.

Contrary to the myth that sustainable energy is a luxury, Bioheat fuel is a practical and cost-competitive alternative to traditional heating oil. Since it burns more cleanly and leaves fewer deposits on heat registers, your home’s furnace or boiler operates more efficiently, which cuts your energy costs. Your heating system has less wear and tear, meaning fewer breakdowns and an extended life expectancy, which also helps you to save money.

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