Bottini Diesel and Gasoline

For the most reliable gasoline and diesel fuel delivery for your business across NY and the Hudson Valley, trust the fuel experts at Bottini Fuel.

Which product do you need?

Please note: our minimum delivery amount is 150 gallons.

Low-sulfur, clear on-road diesel fuel

  • Burns cleanly
  • Helps extend engine life

Low-sulfur, dyed off-road diesel fuel

  • Dyed red to distinguish it from on-road diesel, which is subject to taxes.
  • Primarily used for tractors and other farm equipment, often used at construction sites.


  • No-lead gasoline: 87 octane
  • Mid-grade gasoline: 89 octane
  • Super no-lead gasoline: 93 octane

Clear Kerosene

  • Generally mixed with on-road clear diesel in the wintertime to prevent congealing in the diesel engine or diesel tank
  • Can also be used in portable kerosene heaters

If gasoline or diesel keeps your business on the go, you need a fuel supplier you can count on to make sure you always have enough of it on hand to keep you up and running.

At Bottini Fuel, we have the experience and the resources to supply the bulk gasoline or diesel fuel you need to power your business – whether you’re a service company with multiple vehicles, the owner of a fueling station or anywhere in between.

We offer competitive prices and great service and we have more than 60 years of experience in serving local area businesses like yours. We can even help design a customized fill plan based on your needs so you can enjoy even greater convenience.

Bottini Fuel has made large commercial on-road/off-road diesel deliveries to satisfied customers of all kinds – from gas stations and government agencies to schools and corporations – for more than six decades. We’ll help you do it for less with great prices and high-volume discounts.

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Let Bottini Fuel’s unmatched fleet of trucks and expert drivers bring you the high-quality fuels you need.

For more information about Hudson Valley commercial fuel products and deliveries in Kerhonkson, Port Jervis, Red Hook, Saugerties, Tannersville, Wappingers Falls, Washingtonville and surrounding communities, contact us or call your local Bottini Fuel office.