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Heating Oil Delivery in Orange County, NY

You can count on Bottini Fuel!

For more than 70 years, Bottini Fuel has been providing Orange County homes with dependable heating oil delivery and service. We’re a family business where you not only get reliable delivery of your heating oil, but expert equipment service and courtesy unmatched by our competitors.

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Heating oil services from Bottini Fuel

Heating Oil Delivery Orange County

Heating oil delivery — Our Automatic Delivery service ensures that you always have heating oil without any hassle or stress, making it easy for you to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Heating oil tank monitoring and protection — Get absolute certainty for your heating oil supply with wireless tank monitoring that tracks your heating oil levels 24/7 and lets us know when you need more so we can make a delivery before you run low. We also provide tank insurance protection for both aboveground and underground oil tanks.

Pricing plans — Choose the pricing plan you feel most comfortable with. Our Variable Price option allows you to pay the market price on the day of delivery, meaning you could save money if pricing goes down. For more security, we offer Downside Protection, which sets a cap on your maximum price per gallon while also allowing you to take advantage if prices are lower.

Payment options — With Bottini Fuel’s EZ Pay plan, your heating oil costs are spread out over 12 easy, affordable monthly installments. You aren’t stuck with big heating oil bills right around the holidays and tax time. Also, since you know what you’ll be paying each month, you can better plan and control your household spending. Auto Pay automatically makes your monthly payment directly from your checking account, debit card or credit card, so your payment is on time every time.

Kerosene and winter blend — Bottini Fuel delivers kerosene and winter blend fuel to customers who rely on it for heating. Kerosene has a lower gelling temperature than heating oil, so it’s safe to store in outdoor tanks often used for manufactured homes and remote cabins. If you use heating oil but want extra protection against gelling, we offer a winter blend of half heating oil and half kerosene.

Oil-fired equipment installation and service — If you’re looking for a trustworthy service to install, maintain and repair your home’s heating, cooling and comfort systems, Bottini Fuel is the one you need. Our service technicians are thoroughly certified, trained, experienced and drug tested. With our affordable service plans, you can keep your home’s furnace, boiler, air conditioning and water heater running at peak performance and efficiency while also protecting you from big repair bills.

Orange County loves Bottini Fuel!

“Great experience with Bottini! They checked my tank regularly and I never had to wait to be filled up. They just took care of it. I would use them again!” — Kristie P.

“Bottini Fuel is a great company. When the price of oil went up they sent an email to let everyone know they would help in any way they could with payments. They have the best service plan. All the service technicians are knowledgeable and never leave without fixing my furnace. I give them 10 out of 10!” — Laura M.

Heating oil delivery FAQs

Q. How do I read my heating oil tank gauge?
A. Locate the fuel level gauge on the heating oil tank easily. It will be a see-through cube made of plastic or glass, marked with numbers, such as F, ¾, ½ and ¼, similar to the gauge of your car’s gas tank. An indicator or float in red will represent the amount of fuel left in the tank. If the float is either at the bottom or not visible, your tank is either empty or almost empty.
To check if the gauge is working properly, follow these steps: Remove the outer case of the gauge and press the float down gently. If the float returns to its original position, then the gauge is working fine. However, if the gauge is not working, get in touch with us and let us know about the problem.

Q. How do I know when to request a heating oil delivery?
A. Our Automatic Delivery service uses advanced software to schedule your heating oil delivery based on your past usage and current weather conditions. Wireless heating oil tank monitors track your heating oil supply 24/7, and let us know exactly when you need more heating oil. Both eliminate the need for you to guess when to order. With Will-Call delivery, it is up to you to monitor your tank’s gauge and contact us for a refill when it reaches the ¼ mark.

Q. Is heating oil affordable?
A. Using heating oil for home heating is an affordable option as modern oil-fired heating systems have higher efficiency than before, with some models even exceeding 95% efficiency. Furthermore, heating oil provides faster warming of homes compared to other energy sources.

Get the reliable, courteous heating oil delivery and service you deserve. Become a Bottini Fuel customer today!