Posted: June 20, 2022

Schedule Heater Maintenance & Repair This Summer!

Now Is Really the Best Time

hvac service new yorkJune marks the official start of summer. As things start to really heat up here in the Hudson Valley, you’re probably thinking of ways to cool down not warm up. Even though this is the season of AC, ice cream, and pool parties, it’s also a good time to make sure your home’s heater gets the TLC it needs so it’s ready to work hard for you come winter. So even while you’re keeping cool in the pool, by the AC, or in the shade, now is the time to schedule a maintenance or repair visit for your heater.

Why HVAC Mainetance Now?

Even though running your heater is probably one of the furthest things from your mind right now, that’s actually part of why now is a good time to schedule a maintenance visit for your heater. Once things cool down, we’ll have to prioritize no-heat emergencies, and it will be much harder to schedule a maintenance or repair visit then. And if you are able to schedule a maintenance visit, we may have to cancel to give priority to someone with a no-heat emergency. We’d had to disappoint you by having to cancel your appointment for an emergency. But that’s the risk you take if you wait. So take advantage of the slow season for our heating experts and schedule your heater maintenance visit now.

To encourage our customers to make their heater maintenance appointments outside of our busiest season for heater repairs, we’re no longer scheduling tune-ups for October and November. But the great thing about tune-ups is that they’re good for a year. So if you get yours now, your heater will be primed and ready at the first chill in the air to keep you and your family comfortable and warm.

Whether you’re a propane or heating oil customer, make your life even simpler by signing up for one of our heating service plans. It includes a yearly tune-up.

Bottini Knows Heating

You can count on the experts at Bottini Fuel. Our trained professionals have decades of experience working with heating systems. And all of our service vehicles are fully stocked with the parts and tools needed to keep your heating system in prime working condition.

Don’t Wait For A Heating Tune-up

Bottini Fuel has more technicians than any other Hudson Valley fuel company, but appointments still fill up quickly. So don’t wait.

Contact us today to schedule your heating tune-up and enjoy your summer prepared for winter.