How Much Heating Oil Or Propane Will You Need This Winter?

how much fuel new yorkMany factors influence how much fuel you’ll use during the winter months – the weather, the energy efficiency of your home, and the age and condition of your heating equipment, to name a few.

But whether you use heating oil or propane, there are some rules of thumb that will help you “guestimate” how much fuel you’re likely to use during the cold weather months.

Let’s start with heating oil.

Heating Oil Average Use

In a 2,000-2,500 square-foot home in the Hudson Valley, you can expect to burn somewhere between five and eight gallons or more of heating oil per day during the colder months. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates! Here’s a breakdown of some average temperatures and their impact on heating oil use:

Average temperature (°F)Gallons burned per day
 15 7.8
 20 7.0
 25 6.2
 30 5.3
 35 4.5
 40 3.7
 45 2.8
 50 2.0

If you have a 275-gallon tank, which actually only holds about 240 gallons of fuel (the rest is needed for air), a full tank should about five weeks in a 2,000 square foot home. Overall, for a home this size, you should expect to use somewhere between 700 and 900 gallons during an average heating season in the Catskill region.

Average Propane Use

With propane, you’ll need to consider the use of all your propane appliances – not just your heating equipment. Keep in mind that propane use tends to intensify during the winter months – even for your water heater, which works harder to offset the inlet temperature of water coming into your home and to fight off the cold in your basement.

Here are some average annual usage rates for common appliances.

ApplianceAnnual gallons used
 Propane Furnace1000 
 Propane water heater250 
 Propane fireplace200 
 Propane stove/range35 
 Propane clothes dryer20 

As you can see, the gallons add up pretty quickly – one reason why it’s important to have a reliable propane supplier the Hudson Valley to get you through the cold winter months.

Stay warm and safe this winter with home heating oil deliveries and propane deliveries in the Hudson Valley from the pros at Bottini Fuel (remember: When it comes to reliable fuel deliveries, we’ve got you covered!). Contact us today to learn more.