How Much Oil Can My Heating Oil Tank Hold?

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Heating Oil Tank Capacity

How much oil can your heating oil tank hold? The most common capacity for an above-ground heating oil tank is 275 gallons. However, the range is 105 gallons to 500 gallons. The easiest way to determine if you have a 275-gallon tank is to measure it. A 275-gallon tank will have the following dimensions: 27″ wide, 44″ high, and 60″ long.

However, just because the capacity of your tank is 275 gallons doesn’t mean that’s how much is in your tank when it’s full. That’s because every oil storage tank, no matter what the size or shape, needs at least some room to allow for air, and for the debris that will inevitably settle at the bottom of the tank.

How Much Heating Oil Is in Your Tank?

Practically speaking, when your heating oil tank is full, even though it has a 275-gallon capacity, it will probably have closer to 240 gallons in it. And when your gauge reads half full, instead of having 137.5 gallons, you’ll have closer to about 120 gallons of heating oil left. Remembering that you always have a little bit less heating oil than you think is important, especially if you’re a will-call customer.

As for knowing the actual amount of heating oil in your tank at a given time, there are two basic ways to do it. The easiest of these is reading your heating oil tank gauge.

The heating oil tank gauge is a clear glass or plastic cube marked with numbers that look a lot like what you’d find on the gas gauge of your car: F, ¾, ½, ¼. A red indicator shows the amount of fuel left in your tank; if the marker (often a float) is at the bottom of the gauge or not visible at all, your tank is probably empty (or close to it). To make sure the gauge is working, carefully remove the outer case and gently press the float down. If it bobs back up to the original position, the gauge is working. If the gauge is not working, call for service.

The second way to check your heating oil level is to do it manually; you’ll need a six-foot long stick or dowel and a pencil. Then follow the following instructions:

  1. Remove the fill valve cap by turning it counter-clockwise; the fill valve is the larger of the two caps on top of the oil tank.
  2. Insert the stick into the fill hole until the end of the stick rests on the bottom of the tank. Make sure to insert the stick slowly and straight.
  3. Mark the stick with a pencil where the stick meets the top of the fill hole.
  4. Pull the stick out of the tank; look at the wet mark to determine how full your tank is.
  5. Thread the cap back onto the fill valve hole until you can no longer turn it by hand.

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