The Importance of Routine A/C Maintenance

A/C maintenance repairman

We’re closing in on the end of our first full month of summer here in the Hudson Valley, and we’ve already hit some pretty hot weather (there’s a lot more to come, say experts).

If your A/C hasn’t had its annual tune-up and you still managed to get through that first summer heat wave, it could be tempting to roll the dice and hope you make it through the rest of the season – after all, what harm could come from missing one little old year of year of maintenance?

Actually, it could do quite a bit of harm.

Your cooling equipment works hard to keep your family comfortable, and the cost of that hard work is performance-robbing wear and tear on your air conditioner or heat pump – perhaps not enough to notice right away, but enough to slowly erode efficiency and lead to more costly air conditioning repairs down the road.

When our technicians visit for an air conditioning tune-up, they put your cooling system through its paces, replacing parts that are prone to wear so your system can get back to working at its best, even when subjected to the strain of 24/7 use that could come during the worst NY summer weather.

Want another reason to get an annual tune-up? It could be required to keep your warranty active – definitely something you’ll want to look into before you get surprised by a repair bill that your manufacturer won’t cover.
The bottom line: Your home air conditioner is an investment, and like any investment it pays to protect it. An annual tune-up is a must-have for any home cooling system – one that will pay for itself in a single season. Schedule yours today!

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