Posted: May 1, 2023

Improve Your Outdoor Living Space with Propane

4 Products to Level Up Your Backyard

propane appliances Ulster county new york Propane is a versatile product that can do a lot inside and outside of your Hudson Valley home. It’s also an efficient and therefore cost-effective fuel. Inside your home it can be used for heating, water heating, cooking, and drying clothes. It can also power a whole house generator and keep every appliance in your home up and running during a power outage so it’s like you never lost power.

Outside your home, propane can really help you take things to the next level. And if the past few years have shown us how anything it’s how important a functional outdoor space is. So why not make yours the best it can be?

Using Propane In Your Backyard

Let’s take a closer look at what propane can do to improve your backyard. Here are four propane products that will help improve your outdoor living space:

There’s so much propane can do to help you enjoy your outdoor living space more and for more of the season. And now is a great time to add a new propane product to your backyard so you can enjoy it for as much of the season as possible.

And when you add a propane outdoor living appliance, Bottini can provide the connections and deliver the propane to power that appliance. We are a dependable propane provider. We’re also currently offering a free gas leak test for new customers. In some cases, we’ll also do a free tank swap-out. If you’re a new customer, ask us for more details.

Contact Bottini Fuel today to learn more about our propane services or to request a propane delivery in the Hudson Valley.